COMP590 Problem Solving



Below is the schedule for presentations in our COMP590 problem solving class.


February 16

Derek White Microsoft Surface

Dexter Stembridge USB 3.0

Brandon Baker Genetic Algorithm research


March 12

Monther Yasin Virtualization

Taylor Robinson Google Drives

Robert Meeks Cloud Computing


March 19

Darliene Hopes Cosmic Ray detector

Lamar Simpson Android phone programming

Jonathan Jones Quantum computing


The presentations should be about 15 minutes in length with 5 minutes for discussion (which may be intermixed with the presentation). We want to get three presentations in an hour, so you need to be ready to go as soon as it is your turn. You may use the LCD overhead projector if you wish. Switching between laptops by unplugging the projector from one to another is slow and clumsy. Plan together as a group and copy all three presentations onto one laptop so we can switch from one presentation to another quickly.


If we are going to get three presentations into an hour, people are going to have to show up on time. Please make a point of being there at 9:00:00.


We will grade the presentations by the following metric:

         Technical merit (40%) Is your presentation accurate and complete?

         Presentation quality (30%) Can we understand what you are telling us? Do any visual aids look good?

         Logistical effectiveness (10%) Are you ready to go on schedule? Do you waste a lot of time with mechanical trivia? Does it take half your time trying to get your demonstration to work?

         Ability to respond to questions (20%) Can you answer reasonable (or unreasonable) questions about your topic?


Everybody in the class will have an opportunity to grade each presentation. I will hand out forms for you to score each presentation.