COMP590-005 Problem Solving


taught by Dr. Ken Williams

Computer Science department of North Carolina A&T State University

This seminar style course looks at problem solving techniques, algorithms and interesting technologies.


Syllabus textbook


April 2 Write designs for the Stack Script and Partial Ordering programs. The designs should be explicit and detailed. Email your designs to your instructor be 6:00pm on Wednesday, April 8. Solutions are available for the Sliding Puzzle and the Wandering Knight.


March 26 Write designs for the Sliding Puzzle and the Wandering Knight. The design can be pseudo code, English or any form that explicitly defines how the program will work. A sophomore computer science major should be able to take your design and write the program. Please either email the instructor your designs or bring them to the Problem Solving class on Thursday, April 2.


Feb 19 Presentation schedule


Feb 5 Enhanced digital rat extended until noon Wednesday, Feb 11. Read chapter 7 of the textbook and Wikipedia on Huffman encoding and LZW compression.

Jan 29 Enhanced digital rats are due by noon Wednesday, February 4 as are presentation topics.


Jan 22 Students should write a Java Rat class for the digital maze problem. Documentation for the maze class and the main program, although unnecessary to write your Rat class, can be found here. (classes occur twice in documentation?? please ignore duplicates.)


Jan 15 - Student should get a textbook, read chapter 1 and do problems 2, 5 and 6 (ignoring the solutions at the back of the book).