COMP590 Problem Solving

Minutes of the February 5, 2009 Meeting


It appears that nobody created a Rat program that was completely effective on the second try.  Therefore the deadline has been extended until noon on Wednesday, February 11.  We discussed the use of absolute and relative coordinates. Nobody has solved the problem with relative coordinates, although it seems likely that such a solution might be more efficient than the absolute coordinates.


The schedule for the next several classes is:

February 12: Dr. Dozier will explain genetic algorithms.  Mr. Baker will explain his work with Dr. Dozier and the genetic algorithm he has created.

February 19: We will discuss “Back of the Envelope” calculations.  Please read column 7 of the Programming Pearls textbook before class.  I will also discuss debugging techniques.

February 26: Our technology presentations begin.  We want to have three presentations per class.  The presentations should last 15 minutes allowing 5 minutes for questions.  You should know the material well enough to answer reasonable questions.