Metric Drill and Quiz

It is important for a Computer Scientist to know the metric system. If you have a Megabyte drive with millisecond access times, you need to know how big and how fast it is. This quiz asks you a series of questions about metric system prefixes. If you enter your full name, your score will be saved. If you leave the name blank, you can practice to better learn the metric system. It is expected that you will answer the questions from memory.

This is a timed quiz. Your score is reported as the percentage right and the length of time required to answer all of the questions. Press the "Begin Quiz" button to start the quiz. Type each answer and press enter. You can take the quiz again by pressing "Restart Quiz" button at the end. Each quiz asks 20 randomly selected questions.

Note: Use the letter 'u' for 'micro' (μ).

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