Notes on Networking Services

Browser service provides the list of computers in your network neighborhood.

  1. Master browser
    1. Only one in a workgroup or domain.
    2. PDC is always master browser.
    3. All machines report status every 12 minutes (faster after startup).
    4. Assumes machine unavailable if 3 status reports missing.
    5. elected when no master browser available in the order.
      1. preferred master
      2. master
      3. backup
      4. potential
      5. PDC
      6. BDC
      7. NT server
      8. NT workstation
      9. Windows 95
      10. Windows for Workgroups
      11. version
  2. backup browser
    1. gets browse list from master every 15 minutes
    2. supplies list when requested
  3. potential browser
    1. Can be promoted to backup or master
  4. non-browser
    1. Provides status to master
    2. Will not be master

Remote Procedure Call Service

Security Architecture

Advanced RISC Computing (ARC) Paths


scsi indicated a SCSI controller on which SCSI BIOS is not enabled.
multi used for all other controllers and SCSI when SCSI BIOS is enabled.
w ordinal number of hardware adapter.
x SCSI bus number. Always 0 for multi.
y ordinal number of the disk (ignored for SCSI).
z ordinal number of the partition.