mtools Installation

The mtools utilities allow you to read and write DOS or Windows formatted diskettes from Minix. Because our Minix systems do not have printers or network connections, mtools is important in getting data to and from a Windows system for printing and program submission. To install mtools on your Minix system, you must download the source to your Windows system. The source is available from You will also need the fdvol utility which is available from the textbook CD. From the Microsoft Windows command prompt enter:

fdvol 1440 A: mtools.taz

This will copy the mtools.taz file to a diskette. The data on the diskette is written in Unix tar format. This will erase all previous data on the diskette and make it unreadable from Windows systems. Put the diskette in the floppy drive of your Minix system and enter:

setup /usr

This will create the mtools-3.6 directory and copy all of the source files to this directory. To build the tools enter:

cd /usr/mtools-3.6


make install

This will compile and link all of the utilities and then copy them to the /usr/local/bin directory. When you exit and login to your Minix system again, you will be able to use the tools. The mtools command displays a list of the available tools. There is an mtools command for each of the basic DOS floppy commands. The mtools commands have the same name as the DOS commands with an "m" prefixed to the name (i.e. the mdir command in mtools is equivalent to the dir command in DOS). You can reference the floppy disk as A: