Computer Network Architecture


This course examines the field of data networks. The text and the course are roughly structured according to the ISO Open System Interface. Most of the course will be devoted to the studying the lower four layers of the protocol stack plus some additional material at the application level.

Syllabus                   Textbook    

Notes on the ISO OSI model
Notes on Local Asynchronous Communication
Notes on Modulation Techniques
Notes on Multiplexing
Notes on the Telephone System
Notes on ADSL
Notes on Transmission Timing
Notes on Media                                                        Media pictures
Notes on Wireless Communication
Notes on ATM
Notes on the Data Link Layer
Notes on Point to Point Protocol
Notes on Queueing Theory         Queuing Theory examples
Notes on Lan Technologies
Notes on Interconnecting Networks                                    Repeater Animation         Bridge Animation
Notes on Routing
Notes on Internet Addressing
Notes on Internet Routing
Notes on Internet Sub-Domains
Notes on ICMP
Notes on DHCP and WINS
Notes on TCP and UDP
Notes on Sockets
Notes on IPv6
Notes on Remote Procedure Calls
Notes on Domain Name Servers
Notes on Security
Notes on WWW Technology
Notes on HTTP
Annotated Network Trace of Web browser use
Notes on Distributed File Systems
Notes on Email
Notes on SNMP

Trace Data from "Computer Networks and Internets" by D. Comer.

Example source code for socket programs

The example client and server shown in chapter 30 of the textbook
Dr. Williams' TCP example client and server for Unix or Microsoft Windows.
Dr. Williams' TCP example client and server in C++ for Microsoft systems.
Dr. Williams' TCP example client/server using Java.
Dr. Williams' UDP example client and server .
Various examples by the textbook author.

Important Instructions for using Microsoft Visual C to create socket programs.

links to (possibly more organized) Network courses at other Universities

COMP476 Networked Computer Systems
(an undergraduate course in networks at NC A&T SU taught by Dr. Williams)

Link with lots of network information

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