COMP450 Operating Systems


Powers of 2


It is important for a Computer Scientist to know the powers of 2. This simple online assignment asks you a series of questions about the powers of 2 and the log base 2.  You can run the quiz at


You will probably want to practice before you take the quiz for a grade.  If you do not enter your name on the web page, you can practice all you want.  Just press the “Start” button to start practicing.  Once you feel confident that you know the material, enter your name and press start.


This is a timed assignment.  You are expected to answer the twenty questions in 60 seconds or less.   Your grade for the assignment will be the percent right minus one point for every second over 60 seconds.  You do not earn any extra points for completing the quiz in less than 60 seconds.  A challenge point will be given to the person who has the fastest time answering all of the questions correctly.  You can repeat the quiz as often as you like.  Your grade will be taken from the best score from your last three tries.

The deadline for completing the assignment is 5:00pm on Thursday, March 6, 2003.