COMP450 Minix Installation Assignment


due 3:00pm Friday, February 14, 2003


Minix is a simple Unix-like operating system created by Andrew Tanenbaum that runs on an Intel processor.  For this assignment you are to install Minix on one of the computers in the Graham 8 lab.


This is a team assignment.  Please find a partner and work on this assignment in teams of two students.  Both students will receive the same grade for the assignment.  Email your instructor at with the name of your team partner.


Information on installing Minix can be found at

You will need to download several Minix binary files from the class website.  These files need to be written to six diskettes.  There is a special program, fdvol, available from the class website, which must be used to write these files to diskettes in a format that is acceptable to Minix.  Writing the files to diskette with the normal Windows utilities will not work correctly.


After installing the Minix system, you will need to update the system.  The update, described in the installation instructions, requires you to change some configuration parameters and change the version number.  You should change the version to a character string that identifies the system as yours.  In a later assignment, you will be modifying the Minix operating system you have installed.


The computers are located in Graham Hall room 8.  When you enter the lab there are four computers along the right wall.  They are numbered from 1 to 4, left to right.  The computer on the left closest to the window is computer 1.  The computer on the right closest to the door is computer 4.  Your team will be assigned a specific computer and a specific partition on the disk.  You are to install Minix in your partition only.  Please do not use or change any other partitions.