COMP450 Operating Systems

Computer Science department of North Carolina A&T State University

taught by Dr. Ken Williams

Syllabus        textbook        Review for the Final Exam


Queuing Theory assignment
Hexadecimal and Binary Conversion online assignment 
Powers of 2 online assignment
Minix Memory Management
Minix Installation
Concurrent Programming


Slides on an Overview of Operating Systems
Slides on a Review of Computer Hardware
Slides on the History of Operating Systems
Slides on Processes
Slides on Threads
Slides on Concurrent Threads
Slides on Thread Interaction
Slides on Concurrent Programming Constructs        Multimedia slides on Concurrent Programming Constructs
Slides on Creating Threads
Slides on Message Passing
Slides on Atomic Access
Slides on Shells
Slides on Scheduling
Slides on Scheduling Algorithms
Notes on Multiprocessor Scheduling
Notes on Deadlock
Notes on Queuing Theory
Slides on Memory Management
Slides on Memory Management Algorithms
Slides on Paged Memory Systems
Slides on Virtual Memory
Notes on Virtual Memory Address Translation        Nice explanation of Virtual Memory    More on Virtual Memory
Slides on I/O Hardware
Slides on I/O Management
Slides on File Systems
Notes on Computer Protection
Notes on Security
Slides on Security and Encryption
Slides on Object Security
Notes of System Performance
Notes on Network Layers

Utilities for Minix

Instructions for installing Minix.
Explanation of Minix memory management

mtools allows you to read and write DOS formatted diskettes from Minix.  Documentation is available for installing mtools.


Consumer Producer program in C using POSIX pthreads

Buffer Allocation problem

Semaphore implementation in Java

Solutions to concurrent programs


last updated on October 19, 2004