Notes on NT and Novell NetWare


Novell uses the IPX protocol, so this must be configured in the network if you are going to coexist with Novell. NWLink is the Microsoft version of IPX.


NT workstation as a client to NetWare

        Client Services for NetWare (CSNW) comes with NT Workstation. It allows an NT Workstation to make direct connections to NetWare server files and printers.

        Allows NT workstations to exist in an environment of NetWare servers without updating the servers.

        Supports NetWare Directory Services (NDS).

      NDS organizes shared objects on NetWare Servers into a hierarchical tree.

      NT can connect to NDS but does not support administration of NDS trees.


NT re-serving a NetWare server

        Gateway Services for NetWare (GSNW) installed on NT servers

        NT workstations access NT server for file or print services actually located on NetWare server.

        The GSNW server gets data from NetWare server and gives it to the NT client.

        Installing GSNW automatically installs CSNW.

        Useful for migration, but is inefficient for long term production.

        Using GSNW

      Install GSNW on an NT Server

v     In Control Panel / Network under Services press Add.

v     Select Gateway Services for NetWare and follow instructions

      Create user account xyz on NetWare server with the same password as user xyz on NT server. This user account must have access to desired NetWare resources.

      Create the group NTGATEWAY on NetWare server.

      Include user account xyz in NTGATEWAY.

NetWare workstations as clients to an NT server

        Microsoft Services for NetWare (separate product)

      File and Print Services for NetWare (FPNW)

      Directory Service Manager for NetWare (DSMN)


NT providing auxiliary services on a NetWare system

        RAS server to provide dialup access to system

        Internet or messaging server

        Archiving server


NT as a replacement for NetWare

        Windows NT Server Migration Tool for NetWare

        Copies accounts, passwords, login scripts, access rights and data.