Instructions for Using Java Swing Classes


The Java Swing classes are part of the Java2 libraries from Sun.It is also available as a separate library for Java 1.1.7 and later.Some systems are running older versions of Java and do not have the Swing classes installed.At North Carolina A&T State University the system is running Java 1.3 Beta 1.This system has the Swing classes installed.When using Java on this system, you will need to set your classpath environment variable to:


setenv CLASSPATH .:/usr/local/jdk1.3/jre/lib


You must also set you path to include:




If you add these statements to your .cshrc file, it will always be set correctly every time you logon.When editing your .cshrc file, add the path to the beginning of your path statement.


The Microsoft Internet Explorer does not always support the Java2 Swing libraries.It is possible to direct the Internet Explorer to use the Java2 system.Sun has a program, HTML Converter, that will modify your HTML file containing the call to the applet so that it will use Java2.You can modify publicly available web pages with this converter so they will run on almost any userís browsers.







last modified on October 22, 1999