COMP476 Networked Computer Systems

Dr. Ken Williams

Computer Science Department of North Carolina A&T State University

This course presents an overview of the technology, architecture and software used by systems of network connected computers. The course will cover data transmission, local area network architecture, network protocols, inter-networking, distributed systems, security, and World Wide Web technology. Students will write programs that run concurrently on multiple computers.

Solutions to datagram routing assignment      Solutions to in class datagram routing examples

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Summer Slides


Protocol layers

Network programming

Limits on transmission

Domain name servers

Hyper Text Transport Protocol (HTTP)


Detecting transmission errors

Network media



Packet transmission

Local Area Networks

Media Access Control

Wireless networking

Interconnecting LANs

Routing on WANs


Internet Addressing



Truth about 56K modems


Old Slides

Introduction to Networks
Notes on Network Media
Notes on Local Asynchronous Communication
Lecture Slides on Local Asynchronous Communication
More slides on Local Asynchronous Communication
Notes on Modulation Techniques
Lecture Slides on Modulation Technique
Lecture Slides on Multiplexing
Notes on Binary Integer Format
Lecture Slides on LAN Technologies
Lecture Slides on Packet Transmission
Lecture Slides on LAN wiring
Lecture Slides on Telephone Systems
Notes on ISO OSI standards
    Lecture Slides on ISO OSI standards            PDF format
Lecture Slides on ATM                                     PDF format
Notes on Interconnecting Networks          Repeater Animation         Bridge Animation
    Lecture Slides on Interconnecting Networks  PDF format
Notes on Internet Addressing
   Lecture Slides on Internet Addressing             PDF format
   Lecture Slides on Internet Routing                  PDF format
Internet Routing example
   Lecture Slides on Fragmentation and Reassembly    PDF format
Notes on Internet Sub-Domains
   Lecture Slides on Internet Sub-Domains        PDF format
Notes on Domain Name Servers
   Lecture Slides on DNS                                PDF format
Notes on DHCP and WINS
   Lecture Slides on DHCP                              PDF format
   Lecture Slides on WINS
Notes on Routing
    Lecture Slides on WAN Routing                  PDF format
   Lecture Slides on Internet Routing                 PDF format
Notes on ICMP
   Lecture Slides on ICMP                                PDF format
Overview of the Transport Layer
Notes on TCP and UDP
   Lecture Slides on the Transport Layer            PDF format
   Lecture Slides on TCP                                   PDF format
Lecture Slides on Sockets
Lecture Slides on Java Sockets
Lecture Slides on Client-Server programming
Lecture slides on Network Address Translation (NAT)
Lecture Slides on Email
Lecture Slides on Security
Notes on Digital Signatures
Lecture Slides on IPv6
Notes on Distributed File Systems
   Lecture Slides on Distributed File Systems       PDF format
   Lecture Slides on the Simple Network Maintenance Protocol      PDF format
Lecture Slides on Web Technology
Lecture Slides on Dynamic Documents          Simple example ASP application        Get example
Lecture Slides on Active Documents              JavaScript example
Notes on HTTP
Network Trace of Web browser use
Lecture Slides on XML
Wireless Security

Notes on the Powers of 2
Notes on Metric Prefixes

Example source code for socket programs

Dr. Williams' TCP example client and server for Unix or Microsoft Windows.
Dr. Williams' TCP example client and server in C++ for Microsoft systems.
Dr. Williams' TCP example client/server using Java.
Dr. Williams' UDP example client and server .

Important Instructions for using Microsoft Visual C to create socket programs.

Useful Data and Links

Web site for the textbook

Trace Data from "Computer Networks and Internets" by D. Comer.