COMP375 Computer Architecture and Organization

taught by Dr. Ken Williams

Computer Science department of North Carolina A&T State University

This course explores the design of computer systems and their architectures. Topics include central processing unit architecture, microcode, system interconnections, memory systems, input/output systems, interrupt handling, peripherals and communications networks

Syllabus          Textbook                CPU Design Hints


an Introduction to Architecture

History of Computers                                            Additional information

Assembler Language                                             Additional information

More assembler

Still more assembler

Assembler function calls

Parameter Passing details

Machine language

Memory Access modes

Digital logic

VLSI transistors




Memory Technology

Memory Organization

Cache Systems

Cache Mapping

Virtual Memory

Disk operation

RAID disks

I/O controllers

Multimedia hardware

Backing up your data

Microcode 1

Microcode 2

Microcode 3

Microcode 4


Superscalar processors


ARM processor

Parallel Architectures

SMP Architectures




Combinatorial Logic

Sequential Logic

Number Representation

Example assembler programs to compute the gcd

Source code for assembler examples shown in class

Information on Microsoft Visual C++

Microcode Animation
Microcode worksheet solutions
Microcode Examples

Notes on the Powers of 2
Notes on Metric Prefixes
Notes on Byte Ordering

Compulator Simulation