The spring 2009 textbook for COMP370 Introduction to Computer Architecture is


Fundamentals of Computer Organization and Design, by Sivarama P. Dandamudi, Springer publishing, 2003, ISBN: 038795211X


A&T bookstore price: $99.95 new   $56.75 used (plus sales tax)


The book is available at the A&T Bookstore.  You can purchase the book on campus or online.


A list of online book sellers for the textbook can be found at




The best price found for the book is about $20.  You may wish to be wary of "international editions" which are usually paperback versions with thin paper.  An international edition will contain the same information as the standard version.  If you buy the book online after the start of the semester, you should pay extra to get the book shipped quickly.



Textbooks are expensive, but in the bigger picture of your education, they are a useful investment.  Not having a textbook may result in your not grasping the concepts as well and therefore not getting as good a grade as you might.  If you shop wisely, textbooks need not be a major expense.  If you buy a $20 used book now, you might be able to sell it at the end of the semester resulting in a trivial overall expense.  (If you can sell the $20 book at a profit, it is better than not buying a book at all.)