COMP370 Introduction to Computer Architecture


taught by Dr. Ken Williams

Computer Science department of North Carolina A&T State University

This course teaches techniques for design and optimization of combinatorial logic circuits, flip-flops, counter, registers and arithmetic concepts necessary to understand computer logic.Additional topics include assembly language programming, interrupt handling, and data representation.


Syllabus††††††† textbook




Review for Exam 3




Number bases

Integer representation

Floating Point representation

Character representation

Graphic representation

Logic gates

Boolean logic

Logic Simplification


Transistors and VLSI

Combinatorial Logic

Logic Arrays

Finite State Automata

FSA Design

Assembler introduction

Assembler statements and ifs

Assembler pointers and arrays

Assembler function calls


Additional assembler information


FSA example: at least three 1ís

FSA example: two or more consecutive zeroes

FSA example: two consecutive zeroes but not three


Powers of 2