The textbook for COMP363 Object Oriented Programming during the Fall 1999 semester is:

An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java by C. Thomas Wu, McGraw Hill, 1999, ISBN 0256254621

The paperback book has 858 pages . This textbook is required and all students should have ready access to a copy.

The textbook is not currently available from the A&T bookstore (due to a variety of difficulties). You can buy the textbook from:

Borders Books and Music     on High Point Road (tax but no shipping charges)
                      $53.80 new (plus $4.95 shipping)                         $63.55 (plus shipping)
Barns &              $59.75 (plus shipping)                          $57.00 (plus shipping)                          $44.74  (plus shippingin 2-3 weeks)                  $54.02 (plus shipping)

and possibly many other locations. Unless otherwise noted, these books were in-stock as of 8/16/99.






last updated January 02, 2004