COMP163 Introduction to Computer Programming

taught by  Dr. Ken Williams

Computer Science department of North Carolina A&T State University

This is an introductory course in computer programming. Problem solving techniques and writing algorithms will be stressed. Students will write programs for such tasks as engineering decision-making and numerical computation.  This course is intended for Computer Science, Computer Engineering and other students who intend to take further programming courses.

Assignments and scores are available on Blackboard

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Documentation on the standard Java libraries           Instructions for installing jGRASP

Slides for Exam 1 review       Review part 2

Class Notes

Introduction to computers and programming
Java Basics
More on Expressions

And still more on Expressions

Using Objects

String, intro to GUI

More on GUI creation

Using methods

Writing methods

Writing GUIs

More on GUIs


Graphics and methods

if statements

more on if statements

still more on if statements

while statement

do while statement

for loops

continue and break

file I/O

Converting descriptions to Java

Creating classes

Classes and methods


More on methods

Methods and scoping

Yet more on methods

Method practice


More on arrays

Still more on arrays

Yet more on arrays

Programming Practice

Arrays of objects

GUI review


Secure Programming

Formatting & Design

Objects & Arrays


 Much more on writing Java programs is available online.